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About The Food Truck League

The Food Truck League brings great food and communities together because we create positive and fun events for all ages with the best food trucks in Utah. The Food Truck League’s member trucks have put their passion into their work, and we are thrilled to support them and help them share that passion with the community.


We had our first public event May 11th, 2015 and have since held League Nights in cities all along the Wasatch Front. #TheLeague has worked with organizations throughout Salt Lake Valley helping to turn crowds and workplaces into communities.  We are excited by the positive feedback we’ve received and are excited to continue growing and working with great partners across the state.  

Taylor Harris

General Manager

Taylor Harris is a founding partner and General Manager of The Food Truck League, a network of gourmet food trucks in Utah.  Taylor and his partners decided to create #TheLeague after they saw a need for a networked platform for Utah’s best food trucks.  Taylor received his M.B.A. from Utah State University.  His professional background includes working as a behavioral economist with a large pension fund and time with the SEED microloan program in Peru helping start, and run several companies.

Tiffany Tempest

Lead Catering Manager

Tiffany Tempest has been with The Food Truck League for 3 years. She loves cooking and entertaining, so managing the catering team is a perfect fit. She spends her time coordinating events that range from large corporate parties to family dinners and weddings. She enjoys getting to know each client and the details of their event so she can help plan and execute a great food truck experience.

Eliot Steimle

Operations Manager

Eliot Steimle joined The Food Truck League in 2018 as Operations Manager. Raised in Alabama, he originally came to Utah just for the summer in 2014 to enjoy the mountains and snow but loved it so much he decided to stay. He currently lives in South Jordan with his family and loves going to evening food truck roundups every summer.

Kelli Seelos

Catering Manager

Kelli joined The Food Truck League as part of the Catering Team, specializing in coordinating & scheduling catered events for corporate parties, lunches, weddings, & other special events.  She enjoys the complexity of matching clients specific needs with the unique offerings of our many trucks. Once a devout cheeseburger fan (plain, no dressings), she has enjoyed the opportunity to expand her “culinary experience” by taste testing as many different trucks as possible, a burden that is shared (joyfully) by her husband & 4 kids.

Sydni Cline

Catering Coordinator

She joined FTL in December 2017. She is part of the Catering Team of Food Truck League. She has always worked in the Accounting field, she is a “numbers” gal, but expanding to the Food Truck world, has been a great experience! She wears many “hats”, Wife, Mom, and she would have to say her most favorite is Nana!

Andrea Wright

League Night Coordinator

Andrea has been with the FTL for over 3 years.  She schedules the League Nights at our many locations throughout the Wasatch Front.  Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the many different food truck owners/staff and the exciting occasions when she gets to put a face to the names and try their food.  When she’s not working, she’s usually in the car driving kids to and fro various activities. She loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, writing, playing pickleball, and singing.

Todd Christensen

Director Of Operations

Todd Christensen is a founding partner and Director of Operations for The Food Truck League, a network of gourmet food trucks in Utah.  Todd developed the idea of starting #TheLeague with his friend Francisco Terreros after realizing that Utah didn’t have an association of food trucks similar to other large cities.  Todd brings over 12 years of logistics experience to help coordinate over 120 Food Truck League trucks for catering and events throughout Utah.

Buffy Madsen

Digital Content

Buffy Madsen has been with The Food Truck League for 2 1/2 years designing and creating graphics for cities we partner with to use for marketing about our weekly league nights.  Buffy has a Bachelors degree from Utah State University. Buffy loves spending time with her family traveling, hiking, boating, golfing, and playing outside.

Mason Gajkowski

Operations Manager

Mason grew up in a family that preached that hard work should be rewarded with good food. He carried that mantra with him as he played football at Utah State University and graduated with a business degree in Management Information Systems. The hardest work was trying to convince the beautiful Meg Tempest to marry him. (which he finally convinced her to do) Mason has been with the Food Truck League since 2019 and he and his stomach couldn’t be happier! He thinks he is the funniest person in the office. His favorite dinosaur is the T-rex. Oh yeah, he also likes dogs.

Maria Hodgson

Catering Coordinator

Maria is a Mother and wife along with working with the FTL catering team.  Raising teenagers has prepared her for the challenges as well as the satisfaction of creative problem-solving.  She enjoys the process of getting to know the needs of our customers and brainstorming together with each individual client to create a great experience from start to finish.  Maria prepares food for her family only because she is contractually obligated to do so, not because she loves it, so she can fully appreciate the value and convenience that comes along with the FTL and the services we offer.

Valerie Koeber

Corporate Lunch Manager

Valerie has been with FTL since June 2016, and has loved every minute of it!  She loves movies, music, the outdoors, and now a new passion: food trucks! She originally hails from southwest Michigan (go Wolverines!) and transplanted to Utah during college.  Valerie manages our recurring lunch sites. She has had a very rewarding experience to getting to know our local food truck owners, who work hard to bring amazing food to the business locations she manages.

Melissa Koeber

Lunch Coordinator

Melissa joined The Food Truck League in December 2017! A current student at Brigham Young University, she doesn’t have much free time – but on the rare occasion that she has a moment to spend, Melissa enjoys being outside hiking and skiing, or curling up inside with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. She loves her dog, all things peanut butter, and (of course) food trucks!